Workshop was founded in late 2009 by Kelly Malone & David Knight in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco. With Kelly relocating back home to Philly in early 2014, Workshop will soon open a pop up temporary location in the Fishtown neighborhood on Philadelphia (permanent if it takes off). Workshop offers affordable DIY classes for adults, taught by awesome local teachers, makers, artists, foodies and DIY’ers. Offering classes, from the single class for the commitment-phobics, to the more detailed, multi-day classes for those truly desiring to learn all kinds of fun stuff or just make an awesome project. Workshop lo-fi meaning we keep most classes accessible using affordable equipment you can use at home & low cost. There are no big fundraiser drives, membership or anything crazy here- expect a cute space, some records, a ton of tools and a beer fridge. We also believe in hands on classes, anyone can learn something from a book or online but we create fun experiences with rad teachers. Our classes are meant to be a bit social, so they are fun solo, with a date, friends or even your Mom:) We offer classes, private events & parties, corporate off-sites that don't suck as well.

Our teachers are all local makers or designers, most of whom have recently left their day jobs in the dreams of running their own businesses. All of whom have just a pinch of badass to them (requirement). We equally split profits with teachers, work with them on press & PR to gain exposure, as well as encourage them to promote their businesses to help pursue their dream. So not only are you learning from truly passionate people who just freakin’ love what they do, but you’re supporting them while they make the jump to running their own business full time. Many of our SF teachers have been able to go from part time business to full time storefronts thank to Workshop's students support by taking classes & becoming fans of thier wares (insert warm fuzzy do-good feeling here). For more info on our teachers, see bios under each class.

We will be growing slowly. Workshop is being opened out of pocket on cash, we don't believe in loans and we are doing this completely DIY, for real. So, with that we don't have the resources to offer 20 classes off the gate, but we will continue to add classes as we get equipment and use our first friday events to drum up funds and support with cool shows or activities to then fun those new classes & equipment. Just being honest about our growth strategy and that it will be a slow growth. so we never bite off more than can we chew. As we get more and customers and supporters since it is just one person running the show.

Kelly is a Jane of all trades, Teacher, DIY badass, Interior Designer & Carpenter, Artist & Event Planner.Kelly came up with idea of Workshop after growing up with a Dad in the garage building things and a Mom in her Sewing room, but never together. After falling in love with everything DIY from crappy zeroxed show posters & basement garage rock shows to Martha Stewart & Bob Ross and teaching herself how to make anything and everything from old school sites like Craftster & watching episodes of Trading Spaces- she wanted to open a DIY space where folks could learn without alot of commitment or multi week classes, ditch the laptop, flirt and just drink beer and make stuff (hellooooo slogan). Her favorite thing to make is anything out of wood, checking out amazing wood art and screen-printing. She just finished designing & building Speakeasy Brewery’s Taproom and several bars, restaurants & stores out in CA. She is happy to be back to PA to support her family more. She misses SF's thriving indie business, food & art scene and is ready to dig into Philly (after the tasty cake coma subsides). When Kelly isn’t making things she's hunting for salvage yards, seeing shows, listening to old wizard metal & psych rock & anything with a lot of guitar, doing donuts in a taco bell parking lot with her brother Todd and playing pinball.


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